The details of any individual record in a worksheet can be edited by highlighting the record and clicking on the right-hand side details panel that displays the record. Any user with permission to edit worksheet content can edit the details of individual records. 

If an input form has been configured for editing records in the worksheet only certain fields may be available when editing the record details. For further information, please refer to the [configuring a worksheet] section. 

Bulk editing worksheet records 

If you want to edit the details of more than one record at the same time, this can be done by selecting the relevant records and choosing ‘Edit records’ from the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu.  

Editing remote records  

It is possible to edit the data in a remote record. If you edit a remote record, you are changing the data not just as it is displayed in the remote field of the containing record, but you are updating the actual record in the remote worksheet.  

The right-hand side details panel of a worksheet contains the details of any record highlighted in it. The full details of any remote records are listed in this panel under a separate tab. Individual remote records can be selected under this tab and edited by choosing the ‘Edit’ option under the ‘Actions’ menu. 

The ability to edit remote records from within the source worksheet also applies in reverse. Any target record that has been added to a source will see the source listed in its own details panel. You can select the source record and edit it directly from the target worksheet. 

Please note that there is a difference in behavior between the ‘edit’ and ‘delete’ options when working in the remote records tab of a worksheet details panel. Editing the record edits the source and any other iterations of the record. Deleting the record deletes the link between the source and target record, but it does not delete the record itself from its containing worksheet. 

Editing sub-records 

Sub-records behave similarly to remote records. Any source worksheet that contains a subtype will display any sub-records in a separate tab in the details panel of any record highlighted. This can be edited via the ‘Actions’ tab. 

Sub-records cannot be viewed from any other source than the details panel of the source record – there is no subtype worksheet view. Sub-records are unique to their source record. For that reason, deleting a sub-record causes it to be deleted permanently, rather than just deleting the link between the source and the sub-record.