The Search tool will allow you to identify text from the body of a document or transcript. It is based on user input and matches this text against all of the documents in the project.

  1. Click on Search, the page will change to the Search screen.

  2. Type a search term into the Search window. Once you have finished click on Go.

    The Search tool looks for the specific words or phrases, you have entered, in the text of a document. Each search can be saved for future use.
  3. Matches to the search are listed in the centre panel.

    The selections can be refined further by selecting folders, adding a filter or adding additional search parameters. There is also a Sort option available.

  4. Highlighting a document will open it in the right-hand panel where all of the matches are displayed on the left. The number refers to the page number, selecting a match will take you to that page in the document preview, the search results are highlighted. Selecting a page will open up the Document viewer.

    1. All instances of where the search has a match will be:

      1. Highlighted in the document.

      2. Shown as an excerpt on the left of the panel, with the word or words in bold and italics. The number refers to the page of the document. They are listed in the order they appear in the document. Selecting any page of the document in the preview will open it in the Document Viewer.

    2. There are additional options, in the icon drop-down, that you can select for more information, click here to find out more.

  5. In the centre panel, selecting one or more of the documents will enable the Actions button that will provide options that can be used on those documents that have been selected.