The autolinking tool allows a user to automatically create links from one or several selected documents that contain a specific ID that references the ID of another document that exist within the same project.

The reference ID written in the source document(s) is necessary for the autolink tool to recognise the documents that they should establish links to. The autolink dialog allows the user to define the format of the reference in the source document.





Search for referenced documents within the selected source document(s) according to the defined reference format parameters.


Displays a list of the potential reference links.


Opens a dialogue box for the user to populate in order to match the reference in the document being linked from to other documents uploaded to the project.

(For further information, see below)


Select whether to search for matches in ‘All documents’ or in a ‘Single folder’ if the location of the documents being linked is already known. 

Searching in a single folder can be more efficient when large quantities of documents have been uploaded to the project. 


Once the format has been entered the user can select ‘Find matches’ to search for documents which match the references in the document being linked from.


Select and deselect the found matches to only create links with the intended documents.



Once they have only the intended links selected then clicking ‘Create links’ will produce the links in the source document.

Autolinking begins by operating as a search function to find matching references. It requires users to populate the ‘Add format’ dialogue box with the categories and formatting elements such as punctuation in a way that recreates the format of the references in the document being linked from.






The grey boxes before and after the ‘Select’ dropdown allow the users to inset free text to match the format of the references in the source document.


The ‘Select’ dropdown provides a list of all the categories of data stored about a document.

Users should select which data was included in the reference format in the source document.


The  ‘+ More’ button allows users to add more categories of document data and free text to match the reference format in the source document.

When this button is clicked it will add another ‘Select’ dropdown followed by another grey box for the free text.


When in the document viewer, the ‘Linked documents’ tab in the right panel will display any documents that have been linked to. Users can either click on the references listed in the right panel or the reference in the document itself to review the autolinked document. Autolinked documents will also jump to the relevant page if a page number has been specified.