Users can display charts that have been created based on the data in a project. Only charts already existing within a project can be displayed. Charts are visual representations of worksheet data for further information about charts (click here for more information about charting and analysis).

Users have the following options to configure the component:

HeadingThe heading text for the 'chart' component. It can be a maximum of 100 characters.
Source chartThe source chart is where the information is drawn from. A chart must be created from the 'date tables and charts' in the project button before it could be presented as an option.

Display example of 'chart' component:

From the chart view in portal, there are three icons which allow portal users to change the view of the chart.

This will link to the source worksheet where information is saved. Compatible users capabilities are needed in order to view the source information.
This will display the data in a chart view.
This will display the data in a table view.