Create a new project by following the steps provided:

    1. Access System Dashboard:

By clicking the Opus 2 / company logo in the top left of the browser.


        2. Initialize the new project

From the top toolbar of the system dashboard, select the "New project” button. If the New project button is not present, the user needs the Manage projects privilege. Refer to the “Creating, Updating, and Assigning System Roles” article. 


    3. Choose Solution Template (Optional):

In the dialog box that opens, you can select a solution template if available. This can help streamline the project creation process.


    4. Enter Project Details:

  • Name: Provide a name for your project.
  • Shortcode: If the system-generated code is not suitable, change the project shortcode as needed.
  • Reference Number: Enter a project reference number (often an ID).
  • Icon and Color: Select an icon and color for the project from the dropdown menus.


    5. Add Project Description:

Enter a description of the project in the designated area.


    6. Create the Project:

Once all the necessary information is entered, click the "Create" button in the dialog box.