Users can share a single document that has been uploaded to the platform with portal users. 

Users have the following options to configure the component:

Selected documentUsers can click on the 'pen' icon to choose a document that is uploaded to the platform.
Selected documentUsers can click on the 'upload' icon to upload a document that is not on the platform. The uploaded document will be saved in the 'upload' folder by default. Users can also change the folder location. Users can then drag and drop the document to the upload box. 
Selected documentThe cross icon allows users to remove the document that is selected. 
Text to displayThe heading text of the 'single document' component. It can be a maximum of 20 characters.
Document linkThe button format can display as the following options: as a button, a large button, a card or an image.
Link background colorThe background color of the text block can be chosen from either the theme background, white, the site's primary or secondary color; or a custom color chosen from a color wheel, hexadecimal or RGB code.
IconAn icon that represents the 'single document' section.
Content alignmentThe distribution of space between and around content can be chosen from left, centered or right.

Display example of 'single document' component: