By default, Opus 2 uses the Document Name field as the file name when exporting documents and transcripts.

The naming convention for exported files can be changed to be based on a user-defined custom format using existing metadata fields within Opus 2.  

Step 1: Click the three-dot icon next to your chosen Collection or Folder.

Step 2: Choose Export from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: From the Export menu, click on Advanced Options to reveal more export options.

Step 4: Select the File Naming dropdown and change the option to "Custom Format".

Step 5: Add a custom format for your exported documents.

  • Using the Add custom format button, choose the field(s) and delimiter(s) you would like applied to your exported document or transcript names.

Note: You can use the "Add" option to append additional metadata fields onto the name of the Documents or Transcripts.

Step 6: Click Save to save your custom format.

Step 7: Click Export to export your Documents or Transcripts with the custom naming scheme.

Step 7: Once the export has been requested, click on the Project Button in the top-right corner and choose Exports from the dropdown to view and download your exported documents.