The document actions option becomes available once at least one document has been selected using the tick-boxes in the document table

The actions menu has a number of options which will be detailed below

Managing document pages

Pages within a document can be managed my selecting Actions, Tools, then Manage pages. The Manage pages dialogue will show a thumbnail preview of every page in the selected document and provide the following options:

Inputting either a range or page numbers separated by a comma will select pages in the dialogue for which to perform an action on. Pages can also be selected by clicking on the preview icons.
(option only appears once pages have been selected)Click and drag this icon to move the selected documents to a new location within the document page view.
(option only appears once pages have been selected)Clicking on this option will expand a dialogue with options for moving the selected pages either after a page, the beginning of the document, or the end of the document.
Rotate selected pages 90 degrees anti-clockwise.
Rotate selected pages 90 degrees clockwise.
Insert pages from another document into the selected document either at the beginning, end, or after a certain page.
Replace document pages by inputting/selecting individual pages or a page range to be replaced, and selecting the relevant page or page range from another document in the project to replace them with.
Extract the selected pages as a new document. The target folder location for the new document must be selected. There is also an option to delete the selected pages from the current document at the same time.
Split the document by any number of pages. The target folder for the split documents must be selected, along with an appropriate name suffix or prefix.
Delete the selected pages from the document.