Input form allows portal users to create new worksheet records directly from a Portal page. Input forms must be set up with a destination worksheet that already exists within the project. By default users adding a record will be able to set all fields in the worksheet. This can be changed by creating a form in the worksheet editor and only including the fields that should be filled in by the portal user (click here for further information about this process). 

Users have the following options to configure the component:

HeadingThe header text of the 'input form' component. It can be a maximum of 20 characters.
Button labelThe text that displays on the 'input form' button. It can be a maximum of 100 characters.
WorksheetThe source worksheet is a compulsory item to decide where the information is drawn from. 
FormThe form view to be used when displaying records. A form must be created before it could present as an option. (click here for more information about form)
Primary sort field: Field

Users can choose a field as a primary sort field.

Primary sort field: OrderUsers can set the order as 'A to Z' or as 'Z to A'. 
Button formatButton format can display as the following options: as a button, a large button or a card.
IconThe icon that represents the section.
Background colorA background color to the text block can be chosen from either the theme background, white, site's primary or secondary color; or a custom color chosen from a color wheel, hexadecimal or RGB code.
Content alignmentThe distribution of space between and around content can be chosen from left, centered or right.

Display example of 'input form' component: 

Once portal users click on the 'input form', the 'add form' of the designated worksheet dialogue box will appear, where portal users can create entries and saved them to the worksheet.