After highlighting a document, select a page from the preview to open it up, identify information and perform actions on the document.

  1. Navigate to the Documents page and highlight the document that you wish to view. To learn how to find your document click here.

  2. The document preview will be displayed in the Right-hand panel. Using the page numbers at the top, navigate to the page you wish to open in the Document viewer and click on the preview.

  3. By default, the Document viewer will open in a new tab.

  4. The Document viewer is split into 3 panels:

    1. The Left-hand panel has options to assist you in finding elements in a document.

      • Thumbnails icon – This will display every page of the document as thumbnails. These are scrollable and selectable.

      • Word index icon – This display will allow for searching of specific words within the document. Selecting the desired word from the alphabetical index will display instances within the document where the selected word is used. Selecting an instance will open the document to the required page and highlight the word.

    2. The panel holds the full view of the document. You can read, apply actions and interact with the document and its details. The toolbar at the top of the panel has the following options:

      • On the left side of the toolbar, the tools will allow you to move between pages and zoom in and out of the page.

      • On the right side of the toolbar, the tools will allow you to interact with the document. There are quick links and the ability to choose sections of your document and apply preset options to the selection. Alongside this you have options to apply actions to the document.

    3. The Right-hand panel will display all saved notes that have been created on the document. There are options to reduce the number of notes that are visible. Clicking on a note in the Notes panel will open the document at the right page and highlight it.