In your project when you are adding a note or designation to your Transcript you can create a Chronology event from it. There are a number of options that are not required, those listed here will only show what is needed.

  • In you project navigate to Documents
  • Find and highlight your transcript.

  • Select the document preview to open it in the Transcript viewer.

  • Highlight the words or image you want to leave a note against.

  • A pop-up will appear, select Create Note and the Add Note dialog opens.

  • Add the details to the note as usual, except:

    • Chronology – Click on Select and the Add Chronology dialog will open.

      1. Select the Create new button.

      2. Complete the event details.

        • Select the Calendar icon and add the date of the event.

        • Select Add time and enter the time.

        • Choose Select timezone and click on the appropriate zone.

        • Open Select and choose from the list the appropriate Type of event.

      3. Click on Save to complete the process.

  • Click on Save to complete the process.