To login to Opus 2 for the first time, an administrator must first create an account and assign a role for the user. 

Users will receive an email when their account has been created with a link to verify their email and set up their password and multi-factor authentication method. 

  1. Click to follow the link. 
  2. The link will redirect the user to the platform which will first outline the requirements. The user can click to proceed. 
  3. The user will be redirected to the Opus 2 Acceptable Use Policy and must accept the terms.
  4. The user will be prompted to set up MFA for their account. Opus 2 is compatible with two authenticator apps: Google Authenticator, and FreeOTP. Follow the instructions on the page to complete MFA configuration.
  5. Enter the code provided for Opus 2 by the authenticator app after scanning the QR code. The user will now need to provide an app generated code at each log in. Optionally, give a name for the device with the installed authenticator app and press Submit. 
  6.  Enter and confirm the password to be used for the account before pressing submit.