In your project you will be able to create a designation against a selection on a transcript. There are a number of different options available during the creation, those listed here will only show what is needed.

Complete the following steps:

  1. In your project navigate to Documents.

  2. Find and highlight the required transcript.

  3. Click on the preview panel and the Transcript viewer will open.

  4. Ensure the Select text box is highlighted in the Toolbar.

  5. Click and drag over the text you wish to leave a designation against.

  6. Releasing the mouse will display a pop-up. Select the Create Designation option.

    If the Create Designation option is not visible, click on the  icon and select it from the list.

  7. Complete the Add Designation dialog.

    • Designation – You can alter the designation selection through changing the Page, Line and Word numbers or by selecting the icon and moving the slide controls on the video playback.

  8. Click on Save to complete the process.