To access the transcript viewer:

1. Click on the row of the desired transcript.

2. In the details panel, click on the preview image of the transcript to open the transcript viewer.

From within the transcript viewer: 

1. Click and drag the mouse across the text.

2. Releasing the mouse button will highlight the text and bring up the annotation dialogue box.

3. Clicking the 3-dot icon will provide more annotation options.

4. Selecting "create designation" will bring up the designation dialogue box.

From the designation dialogue box:

1. You can select a Designation type, Objection basis and add Objection notes or any tags.

2. You can alter the selection through changing the Page, Line and Word numbers or by selecting the icon and moving the slide controls on the video playback.

3. Enter your selections.

4. Select Save to complete the Designation.

The text will remain highlighted and the designation information will appear in the margin on the righthand side.

The designation will be available within the Designations worksheet.