Hardware requirements

Opus2 Platform is developed for and intended for use with desktop and laptop computers. In order for the software to run efficiently it is recommended that it is run on a computer with at least 8GB of memory and a quad core processor.

QA will not perform regression testing on every browser or operating system before GA

Supported operating systems

The QA team test using Chrome on Windows and perform regression tests against the same version of Chrome. QA may perform smoke testing on MS Edge and/or other operating systems listed.

Note: Opus2 Platform is developed for and tested for use on desktop and laptop computers. The software may function acceptably on mobile devices depending on the operating system and browser of the individual device, but this is not guaranteed.

Operating System

Required version


Windows 8 or above

Mac OS x

OS X 10.11 or above


Fedora 28 or above

Ubuntu LTS releases 16.04 or above

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 or above