The characters worksheet is the area for visualizing, tracking, and managing the individuals involved in a case. To access the Characters select the worksheet from the top toolbar in the platform. 

Learn about adding a character here

Table View

The default view on the Characters worksheet is the table view. This view will contain information about each person in a row and column structure.

To view information about an individual character in the Details panel select the character in the table. The Details panel will open on the right of the window. 

  • With appropriate system privileges, users can click anywhere into the details panel and add/edit character information. 
  • Finalize and accept the changes by pressing Save changes at the bottom of the panel. 
  • The panel can be collapsed and hidden again with the arrow button in the top right corner.

Card View

The characters worksheet can also be visualized using the card view. Card views allow a kanban board style of visualization for character organization and classification. Card views can be selected from the Display dropdown menu.

Character cards will show in the category they have been assigned and can be dragged and dropped into a different category if their status changes over the course of the preparations. Dragging and dropping a card will update the value for that character.

Calendar + Timeline Views:

The calendar and timeline views can used to display timing, schedules, and events. They are accessible from the Display dropdown menu. 

Selecting a character in a timeline or calendar view will open the Details panel on the right of the window.