Release types

  • (GA) - The feature is Generally Available and visible in the product to users (depending on their role).  
  • (GA – config) - The feature is Generally Available, but templates and existing projects must be configured before it can be put to use.
  • (GA – feature) - The feature is Generally Available, but only if switched on by an Opus 2 operator. Only some solutions are expected to use the feature. Commercial add-ons also come under this category and will only be enabled for clients who have purchased them.
  • (GA – feature & config) – The feature is Generally Available but only if switched on by an Opus 2 operator. Only some solutions are expected to use the feature. Once switched on, it will require configuration of the template and existing projects before the feature can be used.

New features

New and updated fields for document OCR status (GA)  ▶️

A new system field, 'Pages with text', has been added to the Documents and Files pages. This field analyses the percentage of pages that has recognisable text on them. A new filter has also been created to allow users to filter for pages with a user defined percentage of recognizable text. This makes it easier to quickly determine which documents may benefit from additional OCR.

The OCR field on the documents page has been updated to differentiate between whether the OCR that has been run on the document is done by Opus 2 or by an external application prior to ingestion. If the document has had OCR run by Opus 2, a purple circular Opus 2 symbol is displayed in the document OCR field.


Improvements to speed and processing performance (GA)

Version 8.11.3 sees major improvements to the speed of ingestion of files, and the exporting of document collections in binders or bundles. Time to play for uploaded media files has also been significantly reduced.

Improvements to document field management (GA)

When organising document metadata fields in the 'manage metadata fields' dialog, users can now easily drag and drop fields to change the display order on the documents page.

Improvements to filtering UX (GA)▶️

The +More filter option has been renamed +Add filter, and the 'Filter' drop-down button allowing for selection of saved filters has been renamed 'Saved filters' to improve clarity and user experience.

Tag documents on upload (GA - config)▶️

When uploading documents, the user can now apply tags to the documents automatically on upload. This feature requires tags and a tags metadata field on the documents page to have been configured for the relevant project.

Set document types on folders (GA - config)▶️

Folder settings have been updated to allow for associated document types to be automatically applied to any documents contained within the folder.

Option to allow downloading original document associated with document types (GA - config)▶️

It is now possible to make the ability to download original files associated with specific document types only. If this type is set to allow downloading original files, this will override the capabilities set for any user roles and allow all users to download files of that particular document type. This new setting means a project can have users who can't get the originals in general, but can be allowed to get originals for file types where that is the only complete version.

Export table of contents as a .docx file (GA)▶️

When exporting a collection, if a user opts to only export the table of contents of their collection, they now have the option to export this as a .docx file as well as a .pdf file

Export document from the document viewer (GA)▶️

The document viewer now has the option of exporting the active document directly from the document viewer actions menu, without having to return to the documents page.

Ability to set project-wide default OCR option (GA -config)▶️

Project administrators can now adjust the default behavior for OCR on upload in their project's settings. The OCR on upload can be set to 'None', 'If required' and 'Always'. Individual users can override this default when uploading files.

Improvements to the notifications feature (GA - config)

When creating new rules for notifications, users can now include variables in the notification subject and text to make the text more meaningful. All project level metadata, as well as document Principal Id fields and Worksheet Principal Id fields can be used as a variable. In addition, the character limit for subject has been increased to 255 and the character limit for text has been increased to 4000.

The notification rules table now includes a status of 'Active', to make it easier to see which rules are currently in use in a project.

Default display option for worksheets (GA - config)▶️

The worksheet edit dialog has a new option, 'Display', where administrators can set the display option for the worksheet. By default, this will be 'table'. Depending on the configuration of the worksheet , other options are Card view, List view, Timeline view and Calendar view.

New Custom Id field for worksheets (GA - config)▶️

A new data field for worksheet configuration has been added to the 'Numeric' field group: Custom Id. This field displays the Custom Id of the worksheet record, similar to the Custom Id document metadata field. The field may have an optional prefix or suffix, and administrators may select to allow for duplicate Custom Id data if needed.


  • Unable to select and highlight text with OCR when the page has been rotated
  • System roles table displaying 'No' for all capabilities after refresh
  • Short code changing automatically when creating a new project
  • Users able to bypass multi factor authentication by creating temporary password
  • Version tab on document preview displays "This document has no prior versions" even though other versions exist
  • Number of documents in a collection not displaying more than 1000
  • 'Copy as' function in worksheets duplicates sequence numbers
  • Annotations made on previous versions do not show when opening the document viewer
  • Versions of documents not numbered correctly in versions tab or in document viewer source filter
  • Creating remote record from document viewer does not work
  • Unable to filter on sub-type meta-data unless the parent has been previously viewed
  • Document details not launching when viewed in parallel view
  • Cannot bulk replace files via metadata, only by exact match file name
  • Users that have been locked due to inactivity still showing as status 'Active'
  • Date fields change from Month/Day (US) to Day/Month (UK) when refreshing or re-entering projects