Users can share worksheet records with portal users that display in the form of cards. Cards are configured display of data that can be created and managed in the worksheet editor (click here for more information about cards). Cards can only be displayed from worksheets that already exist in a project. If no worksheet card has been selected for portal display, a default card will be displayed.

Users have the following configuration options: 

HeadingThe heading text of the 'cards' component. It can be a maximum of 100 characters.
Content source - worksheetThe content source is a compulsory item to decide where the information is drawn from. A worksheet must be created before it could present as an option.
FilterInformation can display under certain level of filtering. Filter options include date, party responsible, procedural step, status, date added, added by, date updated and updated by.
CardThe card view to be used when displaying records. A card must be created before it could present as an option. (click here for more information about card)
Primary sort field: FieldUsers can choose a field as a primary sort field.
Primary sort field: OrderUsers can set the order as 'A to Z' or as 'Z to A'. 

Display example of 'cards' component: