Exporting Events

Chronology events can be exported in several ways from the system. 

  • Spreadsheet
  • Export Worksheet Structure
  • Documents
  • Word Documents

The word file generated will be located on the local machine in the downloads directory.

Exporting Specific Events

If specific only events from a Chronology are desired then the range, or filtering, should be applied before the export process is performed.

Alternatively events can be removed from the output file from within the specific application, ie from within either Word or Excel.

Exporting associated event Documents

To export any documents that have been linked to the exported events then after selecting  'Export' then the   'Documents' and 'Source' options can be chosen. This will ONLY export the documents that have been referenced to the chosen events.

The format and structure of the exported documents can be chosen in the advanced options of the export documents dialog box.

Once the Download export has been chosen the destination location can be set to a network location of choice.