Users can share one collection of documents in the platform that locates in the collection section with the portal users. 

Users have the following options to configure the component:

HeadingThe heading text of the 'collection' component. It can be a maximum of 100 characters.
Heading background colorThe color of heading background color can be chosen from a color wheel, hexadecimal or RGB code.
Heading text sizeThe heading text can be sized between 12px and 72px.
Heading text colorThe color of heading text can be chosen from a color wheel, hexadecimal or RGB code.
Collection to displayThe collection that wish to share with portal users. A collection must be created in the platform in order to be presented as an option in the field. 
Visible columnsAll metadata are available for selection. Users can choose metadata that wish to share with the portal users.
HeightThe display area of the portal page can be chosen from fit to content; at least half a page or at least a full page.

Display example of 'collection' component:

'Documents' is the heading text. The top right-hand corner shows the name of the collection that has been shared. On top of the table, the 'find' option helps navigating documents by using the metadata; and 'more' option helps applying filters for more precise navigation. The table shows documents that are stored in the collection within the platform, with visible metadata fields that are chosen from the 'collection' configuration.