Documents that have received document level tags can be grouped for review in one of two ways.

Reviewing tagged documents using a filter.

Step 1: From the documents page select the folders you want to filter within and select 'More' to select the 'Tags' field. 

Step 2: The 'Tags' filter has the option to filter for documents that either must have the selected tags, or have at least one of the selected tags. Select which type of filter you want to use and select the tags you wish to filter by.

  • In this example we have selected 'Must have' and chosen a single tag.

Step 3: The document list will show only the documents that have the tags you have filtered by in the list.

You can find more information on filtering documents here.

Reviewing tagged documents using the 'Tags' area.

Step 1: Any time a tag is created a category for that tag will be listed in the 'Tags' area at the bottom of the left panel of the 'Documents' page.

Step 2: When a tag is assigned at the document level, the document will be categorised into one of these groups. By ticking the box next to a tag, you can see all documents that have been tagged accordingly.

You can select multiple tags to see documents that have been categorised by as many tags as is required