Transcript files are treated differently from other files by Opus 2. Please note that Transcript management is an optional, licensable feature and that not all instances of Opus 2 have transcript management included. If your project should be able to work with transcripts, but you cannot see the option to do so, please contact support. 


What is a transcript annotation? 

In Opus 2, an annotation is a worksheet record. Any worksheet that has been configured with the ‘text in a document’ field will be available as a ‘new record’ option when a piece of text is highlighted. The article on [Configuring a worksheet for document annotation] describes this in further detail. 

For projects where transcript management is enabled, the ‘text in a document’ field contains the option to ‘apply to transcripts’If this option is selected when configuring the worksheet field, the option to create a new record from highlighted text will also be available for transcripts. 

Using the ‘text in a document’ field type for transcripts 

When selecting ‘apply to transcripts’, another option becomes available for the ‘text in a document’ field: Transcript annotation style. This can be set as either ‘Highlight’ or ‘Bracket’. 

Highlight-style transcript annotation 

Highlight-style is the default mode of transcript annotation and functions in the same way as document annotation. If a piece of text in a transcript is highlighted, the ‘new record’ dialog will pop up and an annotation will be made and displayed in the right-hand side margin of the transcript viewer. 

Bracket-style transcript annotation 

Bracket-style transcript annotations allow for multiple overlapping highlights to be displayed in a way that makes it easier to see where various highlights begin and end. This is achieved by showing highlights on the text as brackets in the text's margin, rather than as colored highlights on top of the text itself. Different brackets take on different color. Bracket-style annotation can be useful where excerpts of highlighted text are long, and there may be more than one excerpt covering the same text. Frequently this is the case with transcripts.  

When creating a bracket-style transcript annotation, the ‘new record’ dialog shows the page, line and word of the transcript where the highlight begins and ends. This can be adjusted in the dialog without re-highlighting the text, allowing for detailed highlighting of specific text excerpts per word. 

Bracket-style transcript annotation for synchronized media files 

If a transcript has been uploaded with a synchronized media file attached, any bracket-style annotation that is created will also automatically create a playable media clip of the text excerpt. This clip can be viewed from the ‘edit record’ dialog in the transcript viewer, by clicking on the media icon. It can also be viewed from the worksheet that has been set up to contain the bracket-style annotations.