In your project you will have the ability to upload transcripts. The transcript will be of either TXT, PTF, PCF MDB or LEF format. If the court reporter provides an .LEF file, exhibits will be automatically uploaded and linked.  If you want to Upload a transcript with synchronized media file(s) then the transcript needs to be of MDB format and the media file of either MPG or MP4 (preferred) format. 

Complete the following steps:

  1. In your project navigate to Documents.

  2. Choose Upload and select Upload transcript. The Upload transcript dialog opens.

  3. Click the icon beside Folder and select the destination folder.

  4. Enter the name of Deponent. Additionally, fields such as their Exhibit numbers and the type can be entered if desired.

  5. Drag and drop a transcript into the dialog.

    You can also click Browse for files to explore your local computer, network or external media.
  6. If you have associated media that you want to upload, drag and drop the media file(s) into the dialog.

  7. Double check the page numbering, as first volumes should typically begin with page "1" and subsequent volumes will typically begin after the last page of volume 1.

  8. Click on Upload to process the original transcript on to your project. If media files have been added then these will be synchronized during the Upload process.