The Opus 2 platform allows for both exporting and importing of document metadata via csv or spreadsheet. Document metadata can amended, following the process outlined here. If you require assistance exporting metadata, please contact your support team.

Exporting Document Metadata

Document metadata can be exported in two ways; as a spreadsheet or csv.

  1. Go to the Documents section of the platform.
  2. Select the associated folder.
  3. To specify desired metadata fields:
    1. Click the double column icon next to the Upload button.
    2. Use the tic boxes to enable or disable metadata columns.
      c. Click away from the dialogue box to apply the changes.
  4. Use the tic boxes to select the document.
  5. Click the 'Export' dropdown.
  6. Select the "Metadata as a spreadsheet (xlsx)" option.
  7. The document will automatically download to your computer Downloads folder.
  8. The document will present in an Excel sheet, as seen in the image.

To export as a CSV, follow steps 1-5.
For step 6, select "Metadata as a plain text (csv)" as the export option.