Applicable to version 7.11 - US Enterprise


Opus 2 is pleased to announce its new release of the Opus 2 platform. This release includes quality-of-life changes and a number of defect resolutions.


User Experience Improvements


Default OCR Setting

Admins can now set default OCR settings at a per workspace level. This setting can be found under Workspace Admin > Settings. 

Export XLSX 

Users can now download an XLSX from the search tab. This export will contain all visible metadata as well as the document folder path. This allows users to quickly get a list of documents from search that they can then tag, review, or add to characters as required. 


Enforce 2FA 

System admins can now request Opus 2 to enable a "Force 2FA" on all new users added to the system. This will ensure any external users have 2FA enabled from the moment invited to any workspace. This will not impact user using Single Sign-On.



  • DOCX Indices have been fixed to include metadata from default system fields (e.g. Upload Date, File Size). 
  • Fixed an issue where some documents would not render after ingestion. 
  • Users can now export from a Tag Level under the "Tag View" on documents tab. 
  • Fixed an issue where attachments to an email would use a different timezone in "Sort Date" from parent email. 
  • Improved Redaction document rendering.
  • Fixed some UI Export Manager issues. 
  • Fixed an issue where an apostrophe in a users email would prevent ingestion. 


  • Users can now multi-select chronology records and use "Add Source URL" functionality. 
  • Improved some UI errors. 
  • Edit Chronology Entry from an Annotation has been fixed to show up to date metadata. 


  • Fixed an issue where Highlights would miss the last character on a Line if it was part of a Q&A pair. 
  • Fixed an issue where deleted Designation types would prevent other designations from showing on Transcripts.
  • Fixed an issue where the Author of a reply would be set to the Author of the original note on export. 

Designations / Notes

  • Users can now edit / delete any comments on a designation or note - not just the latest reply. 
  • Fixed an issue where bulk imported Designations would not be present on Notes Tab.
  • Fixed an issue where bulk import of comments could result in duplicate designations on the Transcript. 


  • Fixed an issue where some Line Numbers would be missing from Transcript results in Search Reports. 
  • Tagging results works across multiple pages of results. 

Need Help?

Please contact the Opus 2 Platform Support team if you have any questions.