This Guidance is applicable to Opus 2 Platform Version 7.10.1


Users can manually change stamp positioning from the workspace defaults by selecting the stamp in the document viewer. This is shown below:

Any manual stamp positioning changes are lost if changes are made on a global level, through either the Workspace Manage Document Stamps Dialogue or the Document Stamp Dialogue. 

Image: Workspace Manage Document Stamps

Image: Document Stamp Dialogue

We are currently taking steps following feedback to change the behavior of these tools to not impact stamp positioning unless explicitly chosen. In the meanwhile, Users should do the following in order to include stamps on exports:

  1. Ensure that Stamps are included in the export on the Workspace Level: 
  2. Do not change stamps on a Document Stamp Level (e.g. Right Click a set of Documents and select Stamps). 
  3. Instead, use the include stamps option in the Export Dialogue:

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