PCF transcripts are a faster and more convenient way to upload transcripts in bulk, and are compatible with the Opus 2 Transcript Importer. Please request a PCF file from your court reporting firm if you anticipate needing to upload multiple transcripts at one time.

Opus 2 Users can upload PCF-format transcripts by in either the Documents tab or Transcript tab.

Step-by-step guide

  1. In either the Documents or Transcripts tab, the User can click on the Import Transcript button.
  2. Drag and drop the PCF file from your local drive into the Import Transcripts window. Users may also click on Select a transcript and drill down to the file on their local drive. 
  3. Once the PCF has been parsed, and transcripts within the PCF are listed on the left-hand transcript list pane, select the destination folder for the transcript. Clicking on the transcript's name within the list allows you to fill in the transcript details for each one, such as the Name, Case and Date. It also allows you to view whether there are any notes (annotations) contained within that specific transcript. Users are not required to fill in this information at import time; transcript details can always be added or edited after import.
  4. Once the changes have been made and details added, hit the "Save Transcript" button so that these changes are finalized. NOTE: Do not hit "Save All" if you prefer to enter specific details for each transcript at the time of import. If no changes need to be made to the individual transcripts, and the transcripts do not contain notes, you can hit Save All, and this will import all the transcripts into the workspace.
  5. IIf the PCF holds transcripts that contain annotations, please follow this step carefully to ensure the Notes are applied to the transcript upon import: Check the lower left-hand side of the importer to view how many notes are associated with the selected transcript (i.e., "There are 2 notes to import"), and also ensure that the check box for importing Notes is selected. You can also choose the appropriate Author for the Notes from the drop-down selection, which displays users already existing in the workspace. Hit "Save Transcript" to finalize Notes settings. Doing this once for any of the transcripts that contains notes confirms notes import for all transcripts in the PCF. 

    5. When all selections and additional details have been applied for all transcripts in the PCF, click on Save All. This             will begin the import of all the transcripts into the workspace. A green status bar will appear to indicate which                 transcripts have been imported. Do not close or refresh the tab until the import completes.

Once the import of all the PCF transcripts has been completed, a message confirming that "All the transcripts have been uploaded successfully" will be displayed.