This Guidance is applicable to Opus 2 Platform V7.9

This article outlines the new notifications built into the Opus 2 Ingestion tool - what they mean, and where applicable, any configuration available to the support teams. 


Email Notifications

Batch Completed

The Opus 2 platform now has a notification service for upload batches. The default notification threshold is all documents, however, this can be configured by speaking to your account manager. For example, if you would prefer only to receive notifications for upload batches of 100 documents or more, we can do so. An example of this email can be seen below. 

Anti-Virus Detection

Introduced in Release 7.9 we also have a new anti-virus service which will notify support teams of files which have been flagged for additional review. This will be shown in the batch alert email - and will look like the below:

Once the user has logged in, their batch status will contain the relevant error code (Error Code 6) for files which were blocked from upload due to the anti-virus rejection. 

Anti-Virus Service Failure

We have also implemented an alert for our On-Premise support agents, who may want additional monitoring of this anti-virus service. This alert will send an email to the Support Contact Email populated on the System Administration page, warning of a failure of the service. This will allow teams to be alerted instantly and either manage the service or contact Opus 2 Platform Support to assist. Uploads will be interrupted if the service is unavailable. 


Need Help? Please call or email Opus 2 Platform Support.