• Download the attached ZIP file containing a PHP Script which will generate API Authenticated URLs.
  • Login to Opus 2 as a System Admin.
  • Browse to System Admin > Server Settings. You will need to copy the User Access Code for user in attached script.

Screenshot of System Admin, Server Settings Page with Access Code Highlighted

  • Open the attached Script (generateAPIAuth.php) in a Text Editor or PHP Editor. 
  • You will need to edit the following lines to your appropriate values:

LineDescriptionCurrent ValueYour Value (Example)
178apiuser - Account with API Access enabled. '{System Admin Email}''example@test.com'
180annotateuser - System Admin Account, typically same as above.'{System Admin Email}''example@test.com'
182serverurl - the url address of your instance'https://{yourURL}/secure/api/''https://example.opus2.com/secure/api/'
183apikey - your user access token'{User Access Code}''abcdefgh12345678'


Note: Single Quotes should be included in the script, as in the given examples.
Your chosen user account will also need to be authenticated as an API user - please contact Opus 2 Platform Support to arrange this. 

  • Run the script using php generateAPIAuth.php, if you are unable to run this, please contact Opus 2 Platform Support with the above parameters and we can provide you the output. An example output is shown below:


  • The response request will be in JSON format, with the following information attached:
    • Workspace ID
    • Workspace Name
    • Workspace Users