Documents tab: 

  1. Right-click menu:  

  • Replace document – uploaded document can be replaced with an updated/modified but almost identical copy. 
  • Add Supplementary Data – upload additional data related to a specific document. 
  • Under "More" Options: 
  • Enable/disable export – manage whether or not a document can be exported by other users. 

  • Import Notes – copy over annotations from a duplicate document. 

  • Autolink – create direct links between specific portions of the document to other documents in the workspace, using a specific, unique reference to that document enclosed in brackets within the main document. 

  1. Tools: 

  • Bulk Organize – locate, manage (i.e., add a tag) & organize multiple documents all at once  
  • Export Doc Tags Report – export a report of Document Tags 
  • Access Export Manager – monitor all ongoing and completed export jobs 
  • Import Metadata – apply document metadata across entire workspace, not just at folder level 
  • Manage Document Stamps – create new exhibit stamps and manage workspace-wide settings for stamp application & appearance 
  • Access Video Exports Manager – monitor the status of video file exports in the workspace.

Transcripts View (within each individual transcript) Tools Options: 

  • Send notification – sends an email to users that transcript is available for review and access 
  • Import Annotations – allows the import of annotations using an XML file 
  • Replace Transcript – replaces the current transcript with a new version or a different file format 
  • Timecodes view time codes for MDB files to check for syncing with video 
  • Export with Timestamps – export a copy of the transcript with the time stamps displayed on the side 
  • Link Exhibits – creates direct links from within the transcript to the referenced exhibits within the workspace 
  • Delete Video – allows the removal of the current deposition video files 
  • Upload Video – allows the import of deposition video