(Note: This function requires Admin Tools access. Please contact your System Administrator or Opus 2 Support if you do not have access to this tool.)

You can remove all Notes and/or Designations assigned to a transcript or document by going to the Notes tab, selecting the preferred transcript(s) and then using the Filter pane to select only the designations types and Notes that you want removed (or you may leave ALL selected, if you need everything removed). 

Once the correct selections have been made, please go to the Tools drop-down in the upper right corner of the Notes tab, and click on “Delete Selected Notes.” 

You will be prompted to confirm if you would like to proceed with the deletion of the Notes, with the number of Notes to be deleted indicated in the message. Click YES to proceed with deletion.

NOTE: This action cannot be undone. Please ensure that ONLY the desired Notes and Designations are selected prior to hitting "Yes."