Opus 2 allows users the ease and convenience of creating key facts while reviewing a document. Create Chronology entries directly from within a specific, selected portion of text within a document. This eliminates the need to go back and forth between the Chronology tab and specific pages in a document being reviewed.

  1. In the Document view (within the document), highlight the desired text, and once the Notes dialog box appears, click on the clock icon to add a link from the selected text within the page to a Chronology.
  2. This opens up the “Add to Chronology” dialog. This will allow users to either create a new Chronology entry or key fact, OR to add the selected text to an existing Chronology entry.

  1. To create a new entry or key fact: Select “Create New Entry”. This will then open up the “Add New Entry” dialog. Enter the information needed and make all necessary selections for Type, Status, Tags, etc. and then hit Save.

You can view the new entry within the Chronology by clicking directly on the “Open in Chronology” button on the lower left-hand corner.


  1. To link the selected text to an existing entry: Select “Add To An Existing Entry.” Locate the desired entry in the Chronology using the “Find” or “Filter” options. Once found, click to select the entry to link to (a properly selected entry will be highlighted in purple) and hit Apply.

  1. Once the Chronology entry is saved to the text, the clock icon will display on the note to indicate it is associated with a Chronology entry.