Opus 2 now offers portability as case team members access basic Opus 2 functionality on their tablets. This mobile version of Opus 2 is accessible via a Web browser; Chrome is strongly recommended, but the application also works on Safari, albeit in a more limited capacity. 

Although Opus 2 functionality is primarily view-only on tablets at the moment, most of the basic functionality is still available. Below are the functions that will or will not work when using Opus 2 on an iPad: 


    Browse through folders and the Document index (columns).

    View and annotate documents.

    Run basic searches.

    View Transcripts.

    View Chronology.


Documents Tab 

    No right-click functionality, so right-click options cannot be accessed.

    Index and preview window do not resize.

    It is not possible to manage or reorganize the folder structure.

Document Viewer

    Document toolbar can become detached when scrolling up / down.

    Opus 2’s zoom settings can clash with the tablet’s browser zoom.

    Hyperlinks do not work on a single tap but must be pressed and held for a second or two.


    Links to exhibits only work via the links on the right-hand side preview wall.

    Video will only play full screen.

    Transcript annotation/designation functionality is available but limited as text selection is difficult.


For iPad Pro users, the memorable word function will not work upon log in. To work around it, System Administrators must disable the memorable work feature from the System Admin > Users page for those specific users.