With Opus 2 7.3, users can now download only the Source documents linked to Chronology entries, either as one single, continuous PDF, or as multiple individual PDFs within a zip file. Any annotations or document stamps applied to these Source documents can be optionally included as well.

  • Go into the desired Chronology and click on Tools. Select Export Sources from the drop-down.

  • In the Export dialog, select EITHER "Single PDF" OR “Multiple PDFs with Index (zip)”, depending on your preference, and apply any other selections, i.e., check boxes for Annotations & Page Stamps to be included in exported documents, if preferred.
  • Click Export. A progress window will appear, informing that the task is now starting and being sent to the export queue.
  • Click on Export Manager to monitor the progress of the Export task.
  • Once the export completes, this will provide a LINK in the Export Manager to either download a zip file containing the individual PDFs, or to download one single PDF containing all Source documents.