Timeline is an additional view of facts within a Chronology table. There is a new toggle button that allows users to switch between the table and timeline view.

Accessing Timeline

Tap on ‘Timeline View’ to view a visual timeline of the selected chronology table.


Tap on ‘Table View’ to go back to the chronology table.


Tools will continue to be available in both views. The filter is a useful tool for viewing facts between certain time periods on the timeline.

Timeline display

There are 4 key areas of Timeline.

1 - Time period

  • The time period can be set in the filter or will default to the full-time period of your chronology. This value will change as and when you zoom in and out of the main timeline area. The number of entries showing, updates dynamically.

2 - Facts and timeline canvas

  • The timeline canvas shows all facts in chronological order. Each fact is placed within a small card which shows a preview of the information. Hover over the card to preview any further information or double click the card to edit the fact details.
  • If there are too many facts in view the cards minimise to a small dot but information can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the dot. 

3 - Timeline navigator

  • Make use of the timeline navigation to quickly explore activity within your Chronology. Use your mouse to click and drag an area to bring into view and expand the time period by dragging the dashed lines at either side of the light blue block.

4 - Export to PowerPoint

  • Export the current view to Microsoft PowerPoint file (.pptx)

Navigating the Timeline canvas

Use your mouse to 'grab' the area and move left and right to move through a time period. Drag up and down on the timeline canvas to change zoom level and date range. You can also double click on the canvas to zoom in.



Use your mouse to 'grab' the area and move left and right to move through a time period. You can also click and drag a specific area within the navigation element to view a specific time period.

To reset the timeline view to show the full timeline, tap the reset button on the toolbar. 


Editing facts from the Timeline

A fact can be edited from the timeline canvas by double-clicking the card or dot depending on the number of cards and zoom level. The edit entry dialog panel will appear over the timeline and any changes that can be seen in the timeline view will be reflected on the timeline canvas.

Export to PowerPoint

You can export your timeline to a PowerPoint file (.pptx). There is a maximum limit of 20 slides and the dialog will provide an alert if your time period exceeds this limit.

There are four optional metadata items in the export dialog as displayed on the card. There are optional fields for a slide title and slide footer text.

The fact cards are grouped objects and can easily be edited in the PowerPoint application.