With Opus 2 version 7.3., easily make changes to your Chronology entries in bulk with the option of updating any of your Chronology fields using an import file; each Chronology entry is now assigned a unique ID that can be used for matching upon import of new or updated data. 

To make changes to entries in bulk, run an export of your Chronology to CSV or XLSX from the Chronology tab > Tools options.

Open the exported file in Excel and locate/isolate the entries you wish to add information or make changes to, and then type or paste in the information in the corresponding column. The unique ID assigned to these entries will ensure that the values are added to the correct entry in the Chronology. 

Please ensure that ALL OTHER DATA/COLUMNS are preserved and unchanged in the import file to ensure they all carry back into the Chronology at the time of import.

Save the import file, and then go back to the Chronology tab. In the Tools drop-down, select Import Entries.

In the Import Entries dialogmatch up the column headers from your spreadsheet with the field names in your Chronology. 

Once all fields are correctly matched up. hit Import.

This will apply the desired changes or additions to the corresponding entries in your Chronology.

NOTE: Once re-imported, the Chronology Sources will need to be re-linked. Please use the Tools > Link Entries to Sources button to re-link all sources.