Replacing a document in Opus 2 is easy and allows users to track, preserve and transfer all work product (links & Notes) from the original document to the new version. We recommend this process for instances in which the original and replacement PDF documents are almost exactly the same in content, but with the replacement having some minor changes or updates, such as added redactions, markings/highlighting or trial exhibit stamps.


  1. Go to the PDF document in Opus 2, in the Documents tab columns, and right-click on it. Select “Replace.

  1. In the Replace Document dialog, check the PDF Document option, and then use Choose File to navigate to the REPLACEMENT document on your local drive. Click to select that document and ensure that the correct file is selected by checking the file name in the dialog.

  1. Click NEXT. This will begin the upload of the replacement doc to Opus 2.

  1. Once the document is replaced, a summary page will appear, indicating how many Notes were matched correctly and hence transferred to the replacement document.

  1. If all the details look good, hit Replace. Opus 2 will ask you to confirm the replacement before proceeding. Hit OK if you are sure.

  1. A confirmation message will appear once the task is complete. Refresh the page to see the new version of the document.