1. I am not able to view all the Notes and/or Designations I have applied to a document or transcript. When I check the document or transcript, the Notes are there, but I can't find them on the Notes tab.

Notes Index still building: It's possible that the Notes index for the database is still building, especially in databases with a large amount of data. This could take up to a minute in some cases. If you are not seeing certain Notes in the Notes tab, first navigate back to the Documents tab and wait until all folders load. Once all folders have loaded, this could mean the index has finished building. Go to the Notes tab and you should now see your Notes.

Incorrect Shortcut: It's also important to enter the Notes tab through the correct SHORTCUT on the Notes tab landing page. For instance, if you go through "My Notes", you won't be able to locate Notes created by other users. If you enter through "Designations," you may be looking for annotations but won't be able to find them unless you go to "All Notes."

  • All Notes - if you are looking to report on ALL Notes and Designations (including Comments) from all Transcripts and Documents.
  • My Notes - if you would like to view the Notes you created only, and not those belonging to other users.
  • Designations - for viewing and reporting on Designations only.
  • Transcripts - for viewing and reporting on work product in Transcripts only.
  • Documents - for viewing and reporting on work product in Documents only.

Filtering: When filtering for specific Notes, it's easy to inadvertently click on an option that might filter out some Notes. Please check all filters to see if you only have the necessary ones selected. At times, trying out different combinations of filters might be needed to get the desired results. If you are uncertain about the Filters you selected and would like to undo ALL of them, click on the RESET button to clear all current Filters:

If you have tried all these options and are still not seeing certain Notes, please let the Opus 2 Support team know. 

2. Am I able to view Notes sent to specific users?

You can only view Notes that are sent to you, or to All Viewers. Private notes will not show up in the Notes tab. 

3. Can I export out a report from the Notes tab that only shows designated pages, and not the entire transcript?

Yes, you can do this with a DOC-format report from the Notes tab. First, filter to your desired Transcripts and Designation Types and then go to Tool > Export Report, and select the DOC format. You will then get a Word Doc report that only includes designated pages.