1. Where can I view all documents linked to a current document or transcript?

You can view all the links to a specific document from the Documents Tab > Columns, by clicking on Links next to the document name. This will display the outgoing linked documents, the page the link is located on, and, if applicable, the section of text that is linked within the document. Clicking further on "Show" will launch the linked documents in a new tab for viewing.

Another way to easily locate and view linked documents and transcripts is to select the Tools > Show Links option from within the document view, once you are inside the document:

You can opt to view either outgoing (linked from this document) or incoming (linked to this document from another document) links, and navigate back and forth between them using the arrow buttons.

2. If I delete a linked document, will the links or the link icon still show up in the columns or the document itself?

No. Deleting a document completely removes its links to existing documents in the workspace.