1. My transcript video is not synced to the transcript text. When I play the video, the cursor drops to the very last page of the Transcript.

If the cursor doesn't go to the first line of testimony once the video starts playing, and instead drops to the bottom of the transcripts, this indicates that the video isn't synced to the text. This could be due to any of the following scenarios:

a. Transcript is not in MDB format: the transcript needs to be in MDB format, which contains timecodes, in order to have the video synced to the transcript text. Request for an MDB file from your court reporting firm, and replace the current version with the MDB (this will not remove or change any existing designations or notes).

b. The transcript was correctly imported in MDB format, but the MDB is missing timecodes. To check for timecodes, open the original MDB in Microsoft Access or another transcript viewing application in your local drive. Please note that Opus looks for timecodes within the MDB in order to sync with the transcript.

c. The videos were not uploaded in the correct order. In the video uploader, there is a button that sorts the video files in the correct order. Please be sure to click on this button PRIOR TO STARTING THE VIDEO UPLOAD to ensure that the files are correctly ordered. If the video was loaded out of order, please delete the video and re-upload the files, ensuring they are now in the right order.

d. One of the video files is missing. For instance, if you have video files named as follows: DeponentName_01, DeponentName_02, DeponentName03, but are missing the 4th part, then the video will not be synced. It helps to play the video files outside of Opus 2 to check for where the missing part is. Please delete the existing video, and re-upload, ensuring all parts are included. 

2. How do I check for sync?

We recommend using the "Find in Transcript" box at the top of the Transcript view - type in "videographer" and then click on the portion of the transcript where the videographer starts speaking, which indicates a break in the transcript and also occurs at the beginning and end of testimony. This will allow you to check if all the parts of a transcript were uploaded in correct order.

3. My video is synced to the transcript text up to a certain page and line, but loses the sync for the rest of the transcript.

This indicates that either the transcript video files were uploaded in the wrong order in the video upload dialog, OR there is a missing part from the set of video files (see #1 above, items b & c). The existing video will need to be deleted, and new video files uploaded (ensure that all parts are present and in correct order upon upload).

For this issue, it is also possible that all video files are present and sequentially ordered, but that one or more of the video parts is corrupted, truncated and/or missing/skipping some portion of the deposition. In order to check for this, find the video file (i.e., Part 003) that corresponds to the portion of the transcript that loses sync, and then play the video. Once confirmed that the specific part is broken or truncated, please request a replacement copy from your court reporting firm. It is also possible that the file was corrupted during the download from a hard drive or file transfer site, so it might be worthwhile to check the original file again.

4. I have uploaded the video in the correct format and sequence, but it is not playing in Opus and only shows a black screen in the video player.

This indicates that the original video file was received in MPG format with missing audio and video properties in its Details tab. Delete the existing video from Opus. Then locate the original video files in your local drive and change the file type to MP4, using the right-click > RENAME option. Check if the Properties for audio and video are now populated, and if so, you can now re-upload the video to Opus 2.

*Please note that this is not always the case with all MPG files. To check for this issue in MPGs prior to upload, right-click on the MPGs and select Properties, looking specifically at the DETAILS tab. The below sections should ALWAYS contain data, as in the example below:

If the above sections are BLANK, then the video will NOT play if uploaded to Opus 2. IF found to be blank, please request for new video files with video/audio details included in file properties from your court reporting firm.

5. The quality of the audio or video is poor (static noise, pixelated images, etc.).

This usually points to an issue within the video itself; the best way to confirm would be to play the video files outside of Opus 2 to confirm their quality. If the issues occur outside of Opus 2, then replacement files need to be provided by the court reporting firm. If the issues only occur in Opus 2, remove the current video and attempt a re-upload of the video files.

6. How do I start playing the video from elsewhere in the Transcript, and not from the beginning, or jump from one portion of the video to another in the transcript text?

If the video is already playing, first pause the video, then navigate to the desired page and line. Double click on the exact line you would like the video to play from, and the video will start playing from that point in the transcript.

7. Is there a way for me to export the ENTIRE video out of the transcript?

Yes - the ENTIRE video can be downloaded from the EDIT TRANSCRIPT PROPERTIES dialog in the Transcripts tab as an MP4 file. Click to select the transcript, and then click on Edit Transcript Properties. This will give you the option to download the video files and/or the transcript file itself in its original format.