1. What types of Transcript files are currently accepted by Opus 2?

The following transcript file formats can be loaded directly into Opus 2:

· LEF (Opus 2 will automatically link and upload  included exhibits)








2. Can I upload a PDF transcript? 

While you can load PDF versions of transcripts, these transcripts will not appear in the Transcripts tab (and will appear only in their designated folder in the Documents tab) and, functionality-wise, will not be treated as Transcripts. This means you will not be able to designate testimony, bulk-link exhibits or run transcript reports. However, you can annotate these transcripts as if they were exhibits.

3. Why is an MDB file needed to sync video to the transcript text?

MDBs, or Microsoft Access Database files, contain timecodes that Opus 2 uses to match up the video dialog to the transcript text. 

4. Can I upload a TXT or LEF-format transcript with video?

Yes, but please note that any video accompanying the transcript will not be synced to the transcript text.

5. Will replacing a transcript with an MDB or an updated version affect existing designations and Notes?

No. A transcript replacement merely updates the timecodes, if you are replacing with an MDB file, allowing syncing to take place. Replacing with any other format does not change or remove work product, either; any designations or annotations will remain on their respective page:line locations.

6. I've uploaded a TXT version of a transcript, and the page count is showing up wrong in Opus 2. For instance, I know my transcript only has 200 pages, but Opus is displaying thousands of pages, and this is causing the transcript view to stall.

This would indicate that there is an issue with the setup of this TXT file at the time it was created. If you have the LiveNote application on your computer, you can open the original TXT transcript and then re-save/export it as a TXT or PTF file, and then delete what is currently in Opus 2 before importing the fixed copy.

If you do not have access to LiveNote, please send the original TXT copy to Opus 2 Support for fixing and reimport.