1. Why isn't the Search function giving the results I should?

As Opus 2’s search function is reliant on the text data contained within the PDFs themselves, if you run a search and see documents with the searched terms not appearing in the results, it is most likely due to the document in question not being OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition). Without OCR, the document is essentially a series of images and will need to be OCR’d for Opus 2 to include the text content within searches. 

2. Why do I see 0 search hits, or very few search hits, when I know my search should yield a much higher number of hits?

It's possible that the search index for the database is still building, especially in databases which a large amount of data. This could take up to a minute in some cases. If you are seeing 0 hits, or very few hits, first navigate back to the Documents tab and wait as all folders load. Once all folder have loaded, this could mean the Search Index has finished building. Go back to the Search tab, and run your Search again.

If you have already done this and/or have waited a few minutes, and still get the same results, please report the issue to Opus 2 Support or to your System Administrators. It is likely that their assistance might be required in rebuilding that workspace's Search index.

3. Why don't my basic Search hits include metadata fields, like Document Name, BegBates or Custodian?

In Opus 2, the Search tab is basically intended to search through all OCR'd text WITHIN documents. To locate documents based on their metadata fields, you would need to use the FIND function in the Documents tab.