1. Why haven't I received the automated registration emails/Notes notification emails?

As these emails are automatically generated, they are sometimes considered as spam by IT firewalls and are usually filtered out from users’ inboxes. Please contact your internal IT team and request that these email addresses be whitelisted:

2. I've forgotten my login details and/or have been locked out of my account due to typing in incorrect details. How do I regain access to my account?

You can click on the “Forgotten Password/Memorable Word” link on the login page, which will allow you to reset your details once you have answered the security questions correctly with the answers you entered when you first registered. If you are unsure of these details, please contact one of the administrators of the workspace, or the Opus 2 Support Team. They will be able to unlock your account and reset your details if required. 

3. Why aren't the login details saved on my browser working?

When logging into Opus 2, consider that if your Web browser auto-fills the username and password, these may not be the same as your current or correct login details. It may also be that you have entered your username and the password has then been auto-filled, so if you are still attempting to type in your password, you may be adding characters to what the browser has already populated. Please delete any pre-populated information, and type in your login details manually.

4. My account is set to Single Sign-On. What do I do when the login screen says my account is blocked when I attempt to log in?

Please contact the Opus 2 Support team. It's likely the issue is with the application that runs the Single Sign-On function and will need to be checked by Support. 

5. Why am I greeted with a blank page informing me that I "am not a member of any workspace" when I try access Opus 2?

It is possible that the workspace(s) you were a member of has been archived or deleted upon closure of a case, or that your account has been removed from the workspaces you were a member of. If you suspect this to be the case, please check with your case team or Workspace/System Administrators if changes have been made to your workspace or account. The Support can also check this for you, should you not be able to get an immediate response internally.


If you know for sure that you should still have access to a worksapce, but only see this message upon login, this is due to a recent update in Google Chrome whereby the browser is recalling the first location that the user accessed – the registration page. Once you have registered, this is no longer an area you can access, but the browser still recalls this location whenever a similar URL is entered, so it informs you that you are not a member of any workspace.


To confirm this is the issue, you should open an incognito window (Ctrl+Shift+N) and try to log in. If logging in via this window is successful, then please clear your original browser’s history (at least up to when you first accessed Opus 2) and you should then be able to log into the workspace, as the browser will no longer remember the registration page or direct you to it.