In some instances, a case team member or external user may inadvertently apply Notes that were meant to be Designations, or decide that certain annotations would function better as Designations. In these scenarios, the Notes can be removed and re-imported in as Designations.

1. In the affected Transcript, confirm the presence of the Notes to be replaced and the Note Tag (if any) assigned to them. User can toggle off the Designations and Links in order to view the Annotations only.


2. Go to the Notes Tab and select "All Notes". Filter down to the necessary Notes using some or all of the below filters:

    - Transcript: click "None" then select the Transcript name(s) for the affected transcripts.

    - Designations: select "None" to ensure that Designations are not listed among the Notes.

    - Author: select the names of the Author(s) who applied the Notes.

    - Note Tags: (if applicable) select the Note Tags that were applied to the Notes.

    - Additional filters may be applied as well to whittle down the list of Notes.

3. In the Tools drop-down, select Export Report, and select the CSV option.

4. In the resulting CSV report, locate the Range column, and copy out the page:line-page:line values.

5. Navigate back to the Transcript to which the changes are to be applied. In the Transcript view, click on Tools, and select Import Designations.

6. Paste the Designations in the Import Designations dialog, and click Import. The Designations will then be applied to the transcript.

7. To remove the original Notes, go to the Notes tab, and filter to the desired Notes again using the same filters as before (see #2 above). Then, go to Tools and select Delete Selected Notes. Please take extra caution here to ensure that ONLY the necessary Notes are selected and removed.