Opus 2 allows users to conveniently bring in annotations that have been applied to a transcript in another application. This bulk import is a more efficient way of applying a set of notes to the respective sections of text and assigning an author to these notes.

1. The user would need acquire all notes for import in PTF format. This can be prepared by their court reporting firm. Please ensure that one PTF file is created per transcript and is named for the deponent/transcript name to avoid any confusion.

2. Once the PTF files are ready, go to the Transcript view, and select Import Annotations from the Tools menu.

3. This will open the Import PTF annotations page. In the Transcript PTF File option, click on “Choose File” and select the correct PTF file from the local drive.

4. Select among the “Sign Annotations As” list the correct author to be assigned to the annotations (must be a current user within that workspace) and the group to “Share Annotations with” (can be just yourself, or the entire team).

5. Once all selections have been made and verified, click on Import. This will bring in all the annotations from the PTF file, and these will inherit the author information previously selected.