The following transcript file formats can be loaded directly in to Opus 2:

  • LEF (Opus 2 will automatically link and upload included exhibits for this specific file format.)
  • MDB (Opus 2 requires this file format if video is to be synced to the transcript text.)
  • TXT
  • PCF
  • PTF
  • TRN
  • XML (exported from Case Notebook.)

NOTE: While you can load PDF versions of transcripts if the file formats above are not available, these transcripts will not appear in the Transcripts tab and will not be treated as Transcripts. This means you will not be able to designate testimony or run transcript reports. However, you can annotate these transcripts as if they were exhibits.


The following video file formats can be uploaded to Opus 2 to sync with an MDB version of the transcript:

  • MPEG
  • MP4

NOTE: If the transcript uploaded to Magnum needs to be replaced with an updated version at a later time, please ensure that the replacement is in MDB format to avoid losing the sync.

Best Practices for Uploading Video Files

It is strongly recommended that users upload only one set of video files to a workspace at a time. Opus 2 will only ever convert two video file sets in parallel; any other video files will be queued up for the conversion process and Opus 2 will process them on a first come, first serve basis.

For any questions, please send an email to .