This Guidance is applicable to Opus 2 Magnum, REL781.


For non-SSO Users that require an additional layer of security, Opus 2 allows System Admins to enable 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). Users will need to set this up on first login, or subsequent login if 2FA is enabled later.


Initial Setup

Mobile Applications

To receive your security code for platform access, you’ll need to download an authenticator app. Opus 2 recommends the following applications, which are accessible on both iOS and Android Devices. 

  • Google Authenticator, 
  • Microsoft Authenticator and, 
  • Duo.

Once registered, the authenticator app will generate a unique time-sensitive security code. These codes can be generated even without an internet connection on your mobile device.

Other Applications that can generate Time-Based One-Time Passwords are also acceptable - such as LastPass.

Setup within Opus 2

Once a user has downloaded one of the above applications, they should use their device camera to scan the onscreen QR which will look like the below:

At which point, the user can then enter the code into the validation box and login. 

Backup Codes

We understand that users sometimes get new devices or lose access to their Authenticator Apps. On first time setup the user will be presented with a list of back-up codes, which we suggest that they take note of for future use - this can involve both one-time logins as well as setting up a new application. Alternatively, they can contact support to be issued a one-time code via email. 

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