For more details, see the Tags Overview article.

Note Tags are applied to text (or a margin or image, if no text exists), and can be used to code annotations to specific issues, themes or topics of the case. Drag the cursor over text and let go, and the Notes dialogue box will appear. Select tags by clicking on them in the Notes dialogue box. Users can click on multiple tags if they wish. (See Creating and Managing Document and Note Tag Types section below to Add/Edit/Delete tags.)

SUGGESTED: Apply notes to TEXT (which will be highlighted in yellow) to have the text reported in the Notes tab for reporting functionality. If the blank space is chosen, no text will be reported in the Notes tab.

Please note: Note Tags differ from Document Tags in that they are only applied to a selected/highlighted portion of text that has been annotated, while Document Tags are applied to an entire document. Documents with Document Tags are viewable in summary in the Documents Tab > Tags view, while Note Tags are viewable in summary in the Notes Tab only.