IMPORTANT: To view Note Tags/all Notes that have been tagged,go to the Notes Tab and filter by Note Tags (see below). These tags are not viewable in the Documents Tab > Tags view; that view is for Document Tags only.

In the Notes Tab, go to the Note Tags filter. Click on the right-most Tags icon under Note Tags to display the entire list of available Note Tags ("Filter by Tags" dialog, as shown in the below screenshot). Click the checkbox(es) to select/deselect the Tags for display, and hit Apply

Utilize the "Select All/ None" to select/deselect all tags in one click; tick the "Notes without tags" checkbox at the bottom of the dialog box to display all Notes without Note Tags.

This selection will display in the Filter Window all text within documents to which the selected tags were applied.

From here, users can check or uncheck each selection to create a report through Tools in the upper right corner.