Apply Notes


Creating notes/annotations is easy in Opus 2. Simply click and drag over any section of text in a document or transcript, and the annotation dialogue box will appear. The User can write a note in the notepad as they would on a Post-it note.

Set Viewing Permission of Notes


The User can customize viewing permissions of their notes by clicking the drop-down menu at the top of the annotation dialogue box:

  • Me – the User’s note will remain private and is visible only to them.
  • All Viewers - share the note with everyone who has access to the workspace.
  • Groups - configure groups of multiple Users with whom to share notes; for instance, Counsel Team / Client Team (please contact Admin to set these up).
  • Individuals - choose an individual User with whom to share a note. If the User wants to add more than one other User, click on the icon button in the top right corner of the annotation dialogue box.

The User can set the default setting for notes via the Account page (which can be accessed by clicking on the User’s name on the top right of the screen).

Email Notes

Email important notes by clicking the ‘Send email notification’ checkbox. This will send an automated email to the relevant User(s) containing a link to the new annotation. Recipients must first be logged into Opus 2 to open the emailed link.